Dreampaps' Papillons - AM CH Queen Bless JP Dreamy Elegance (Japan)

AM CH Queen Bless JP Dreamy Elegance (Japan)
a.k.a. "Artemis"

2012 PCA National Specialty Veteran Bitches (7-10) 2nd Place Winner!
Best of Breed Winner, as well as Winner of Best Baby Puppy Class in a JKC All Breed Show, Baby Queen, Baby Group Winner, Baby Best of Breed, All at 4 Months Old on Her First Showing!

Sex: Bitch   Health: CHIC #37323
Date of Birth: 19 January 2005   Eyes: CERF #PA-2165
Registration Number(s): AKC - TR404117/01 and          as of  2013NOV16
       JKC - PP-06570/05   Knees: OFA #PA-PA484/24F/P-PI
Microchip(s): AVID*095*004*839 and   Heart: OFA #PA-CA136/24F/P-PI
       AEG 968000001418383      
      Height: 10-1/8" (25.7 cm)
AKC Conformation Majors: 3 of 2 Required      
AKC Conformation Points: 16 of 15 Required      
Expanded Pedigree: The Global Papillon Pedigrees Organization  

4 G
eneration Simple Pedigree of AM CH Queen Bless JP Dreamy Elegance (Japan)

Multi-CH(AM CAN FIN INT JAP SU) Fin-V2001 Fin-V2000 Magical Gordon of Art Etoile JP (SOD) Queen Bless JP Cilenzio Magic Glasafon Gordon's Lad ENG CH Blackpark Gordons
Glasafon Cary's
Multi-CH(INT JAP N SU) Silenzio's Lady Luck Multi-CH(AM INT JAP N SU) Smaragdens Poker Face
SUCH Silenzio's Diana Ross
Queen Bless JP Miss Pure Cherry INT JAP CH Glasafon Connor (SOM) Glasafon Gordon's Lad
Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon
ENG JAP CH Blackpark Koo Koo Blackpark Gem
ENG CH Blackpark Gee Gee
FIN CH Chakmani's Miss Crazy Silenzio's Mr. Babsen Toymaker's French Connection DK SU CH Toymaker's Better Be Good
Flying Silk Sweet Sonja
N SU CH Silenzio's Ronja SU CH Caspian's Hole In One
Silenzio's Cherry Blossom
N SU CH Chakmani's Take It Easy Chipmans Nasty Boy SU CH Chagall's Lamborghini
JAP CH Chipmans Xanado
Mango's Tanita INT N SU CH Wåranz Swedyana Milou
N CH Mango's Mad Maritza

New Champion - Major Win - Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch
Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association - 08 April 2006
Judge - Mrs. Diane L. Malenfant -- Owner/Handler - Nicholas Forbes

Best of Opposite Sex and Winners Bitch
Seattle Kennel Club - 11 March 2006
Judge - Ms. Barbara J. Wood -- Handler - Mr. Gary Stiles

Major Win - Best of Winners - Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc. - 15 January 2006
Judge - Mr. John C. Ramirez -- Owner/Handler - Nicholas Forbes

Major Win - Best of Breed - Best of Winners - Winners Bitch
Sammamish Kennel Club - 14 January 2006
Judge - Dr. Wanda V. Spediacci -- Owner/Handler - Nicholas Forbes

Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch
Toy Dog Club of Puget Sound (T.D.C.O.P.S.) - 09 October 2005
Judge - Mrs. Helen Lee James -- Owner/Handler - Nicholas Forbes

Best of Opposite Sex - Winners Bitch
Gig Harbor Kennel Club - 24 September 2005
Judge - Mr. Del Richards -- Owner/Handler - Nicholas Forbes

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